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Modernizing buy-side investor relations with AI

GovernGPT helps asset managers modernize fundraising and investor relations by automating investor updates like DDQs and RFPs.


Unlike existing solutions, it self-maintains and understands any format. 

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GovernGPT is an RFP database purpose-built for asset managers and private funds. So you don't need to search for an answer that already exists, copy-paste ,or chase down other teams.

GovernGPT extracts questions from a questionnaire and returns you a completed document in the original formatting. It self-maintains the database and cuts out the need to tag content.

A database that maintains itself.

By reading and writing to any format you receive questionnaires in, updating a database is done for you. When reviewers approve responses, answer accuracy by quarter is tracked for pain-free re-use in the future.

Collect responses by email, no copy-paste.

IR can seamlessly coordinate responses across legal, operations, and finance with generated emails where responses are automatically collected and added to the questionnaire.

Faster turnaround times, less busy work.

Generating a questionnaire pre-filled with all of your most recent answers happens in seconds with the confidence that the information is current and has been approved by legal or an executive.

How It Works

1. Responses from your fund docs.

GovernGPT has all of your product knowledge in one place. When an answer needs to be updated or drafted, it can pull from your marketing materials and prospectuses/PPMs to draft in half the time.

2. Works with existing workflows.

Only Investor Relations has to use GovernGPT, responses to questions are solicited in managed emails, and automatically collected as a database update - no copy-pasting required.

3. Human-supervised, private & secure.

GovernGPT is SOC2-Compliant and all answers are human-reviewed. Data is isolated per client and is never used for training models.

Free up time to focus on higher value fundraising activities

Thank you for your interest in our product.

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